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Whole Milk Mozzarella, Whipped Black Ricotta, Black Garlic Butter, Black & White Sesame Seeds

No tomatoes on this pie.  The base is our sliced whole milk mozzarella from {xxxxxxxxxx].  I then pipe on florets of Whipped Black Ricotta.  Squid ink you ask?  No sir.  We ferment garlic in house for 7 days until it deliciously transforms into an outer galaxy of garlic It’s then dehydrated and added into our sheep ricotta impastata from Lioni.  Our house-cultured butter gets the same treatment with the black garlic and is added post bake, melting lovingly over each slice of the pie.  Black & White sesame seeds are sprinked over for a final garnish. 

My inspiration for this pie was the classic black & white cookie, created in 1902 at Glaser’s Bake Shop in Yorkville. I had many a black and white cookie at Glaser’s before they closed in 2018, lasting 116 years.  May we all be so successful and live that long!

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