The Drama Queen

by Danyl Goldberg on Nov 08, 2020

Sweet Italian sausage, roasted peppers, balsamic red onions
This is a classic Italian American combination – one of my top three favorites.  Zuppardi’s in West Haven, Connecticut does a great version of this pie.  Ed Levine, who knows a thing or two about pizza, says he always tries a pie with sausage because you can tell a lot about a pizzeria from the quality of sausage they use.  We use a great sweet sausage from [xxxxxx]  that of course we let fully cook on the pie so the fennel juices mix and meld with our tomatoes.  Our roasted peppers and balsamic red onions round out the pie

The inspiration behind the name of this pie is a classic Italian-American actress. In the 1990s, I had a friend named Dean "13" who dated Marisa Tomei.  I also had a friend named Dean "19", but he dated no one of note.  Dean & Marisa came to see me at Lombardi's often.  One night I'm handed the phone because there's a customer trying to order a delivery outside our zone.  She was on 12th St. between 5th & 6th in the Village.  I told her we couldn't do it. She sultrily pleaded her case, but I didn't relent. "But I'm a friend of Dean's" she purred.  "13 or 19" I asked.  "13" she replied. Then it hit me.  I took off my apron and delivered the pie myself.  When I told Dean (13) the story, he said "she's such a drama queen".  Yeah, Dean. That's why she has an Oscar.

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